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Function introduction

A universal design envelope that can be easily and neatly opened by perforated envelopes from the elderly to children without using scissors or a cutter.
The contents are not torn, proof of opening remains, and it can be reused.
Twenty-four years after its development, it has spread to every corner of Japan from three major envelope manufacturers. We still hold industrial property rights. It is permeating from government offices to automobiles, mobile phones, cosmetics, finance, and all other industries.

Abundant inventory

We have high standards for manufacturing processes. In order to meet and satisfy any customer's request, we are constantly innovating and making every effort to improve.

Full contract support

For many years, we have received top-class reputation in the industry. In order to continue to meet that expectation, we cooperate with professionals across fields to produce products with a commitment to quality and a responsible manufacturing process.

Cost control

We spare no effort in pursuing advanced manufacturing processes and excellent products at all times. We not only maintain high standards, but we are working hard every day to further improve them.

Want more information about our features? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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